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The Poetry Society of Vermont is a non-profit 501c3 organization, and donations in any amount are gratefully accepted. 

Become a member of the Poetry Society of Vermont by filling out the membership form below. Members receive a complimentary copy of The Mountain Troubadour, our annual literary journal. 

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Spring Poem Contest:

  • OPEN for SUBMISSIONS: April 1st
  • DEADLINE: Wednesday, MAY 1st
  • Upload your poem as a word document.
  • Do not include your name in the poem document or file name.
  • Submit one poem, any style, any topic. 
  • Times New Roman 12, single spaced.
  • Shorter poems are highly recommended.
  • No previously published poems please.
  • An online voting form will be sent to all members on May 2, 2024 where they will vote for their top ten poems, the ranked choice results will be published in next year's publication of The Mountain Troubadour.
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Welcome to the Poetry Society of Vermont!

Advantages of membership include participation in readings and workshops, opportunities to have poems published in the society’s chapbook The Mountain Troubadour, feedback and comments on submitted poems, competition for awards, and fellowship with many appreciative readers and writers of poetry. Members receive a copy of the society’s chapbook, The Mountain Troubadour, published annually.

To join the society, fill out the form below. All we need are your name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Membership must be renewed annually by January 1st. A list of members is available upon request.

Donations to the Poetry Society of Vermont in any amount are gratefully accepted. Please give your name and the amount you're giving.  


The Poetry Society of Vermont annually publishes The Mountain Troubadour, which includes poems by members. Members receive one free copy of the journal. To become a member, please go to Poetry Society of Vermont - Home You may also purchase a copy of the journal here. Residents of U.S. only please.

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